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CFI Alum Kristin Anderson named ambassador for the AARC

CFI Alum Kristin AndersonPh.D. Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Greenberg Lab, University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; former student of the  Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology (MICaB) Ph.D. Program and advisor Dr. David Masopust - University of Minnesota Medical School Assoc Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, was named an ambassador for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and is headed to Washington, DC to engage and educate key congressional leadership regarding the needs of #cancerresearchers, particularly those early in their careers. Joining Dr. Anderson at the conference is another University of Minnesota MICaB Alum, Kristopher A. Lofgren, Ph.D., Gundersen Medical Foundation, Dr. Lofgren is an alum of Dr. Carol Lange's laboratory, #breastcancer researcher. #AACRHillDay



Dr. Alex Khoruts discusses "Reseeding the Gut"

In the December 2016 Nature Outlook article entitled "Reseeding the Gut" Dr. Alexander Khoruts discusses how gut microbiota likely plays important roles in inflammatory bowel disease and how implanting an entire microbial community from a healthy donor into a sick patient, is emerging as a spectacularly successful treatment for Clostridium difficile infection that cannot be cleared with any other standard therapies like antibiotics. To read the article or to learn more about Dr. Khoruts research click here. 



Congratulations to Dr. David Masopust, a new HHMI Faculty Scholar!!

Creative solutions to everyday problems and cutting-edge science have been rewarded as Dr. David Masopust has been named to the inaugural class of Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Faculty Scholars.  Read the complete article here


More center news

  • Co-housing with pet store mice changes the immune system of laboratory mice

    In this April 20, 2016 issue of Nature, Lalit Beura, Sara Hamilton, Marc Jenkins, Vaiva Vezys, Steve Jameson, Dave Masopust, show evidence of how laboratory rodents can skew immunology research but that "dirty mice" can clean up the results. Read more

  • Tolerance is established in polyclonal CD4+ T cells by distinct mechanisms, according to self-peptide expression patterns

    In this February 2016 Nature Immunology article, Deepali Malhotra, T. Dileepan, You Jeong Lee, Brian Fife, Kris Hogquist, Marc Jenkins, explain how tolerance mechanisms identified in eGFp-expressing mouse strains govern tolerance to true self antigens. Read more

  • Tumor specific T cells interacting with B16 Tumor cells& CD11c YFP DCs, courtesy of Brian Fife and Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell and Brian Fife show Tumor specific T cells (red and green) interacting with B16 Tumor cells (blue) and CD11c YFP DCs (yellow)

  • Efficient generation of monoclonal antibodies against peptide in the context of MHCII using magnetic enrichment.

    In this June 2016 Nature Communications article Justin Spanier, Dmitri Kotov, Marc Jenkins, Brian Fife, et al show that after infection with Listeria monocytogenes expressing 2W and W6 antibody treatment, 2W-specific cells were magnetically enriched from the spleen of C57Bl6 mice. Read More

  • Regulated activation of TGF-b by stromal cells can directly control epithelial residence of cells of the immune system through a novel mechanism of intercellular communication.

    Javed Mohammed, Dave Masopust, Lalit Beura, Emily Thompson and Dan Kaplan, et al, report that UV irradiation promotes Langerhans cell migration through diminished integrin expression and TGF-b activation. Read More

  • Most microbe-specific naïve CD4 + T cells produce memory cells during infection

    In Science, January 2016, Noah Tubo, Marc Jenkins, Brian Fife, identify TH1, TFH and GC-TFH effector cells in different clonal populations of CD44highLLOp:I-Atetramer-binding cells on d.8 and d.60 after infection . Read More

  • Vaiva Vezys, PhD

    Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

  • Yoji Shimizu, PhD

    Distinguished University Teaching Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology; Director, Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD); Assistant Dean for Graduate Education

  • Stephen Jameson, PhD

    Chairman's Fund Professor in Experimental Pathology, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

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