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The Center for Immunology is an interdisciplinary research program at the University of Minnesota devoted to advancing the field of immunology and educating future immunologists.

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In the April 20, 2016 issue of Nature, the Masopust and Jameson labs show evidence of how laboratory rodents can skew immunology research but that "dirty mice" can clean up the results.  The paper titled: "Normalizing the environment recapitulates adult human immune traits in laboratory mice", shows that once laboratory animals are housed with pet store animals their immune systems become more similar to the human immune system.  More info...
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Congratulations to Javed Mohammed, his paper on the role of stromal cells in controlling residence of immune cells in epidermis has been published in the April Issue of Nature Immunology. Javed's image of epidermal whole mounts from mice doubly-deficient in the integrins β6 and β8 stained for the alloantigen Thy-1.1 (red) and MHC class II (green) after infection with LCMV., is featured on the cover.


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  • Tumor specific T cells interacting with B16 Tumor cells& CD11c YFP DCs, courtesy of Brian Fife and Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell and Brian Fife show Tumor specific T cells (red and green) interacting with B16 Tumor cells (blue) and CD11c YFP DCs (yellow)

  • Co-housing with pet store mice changes the immune system of laboratory mice

     Lalit Beura, Sara Hamilton, Marc Jenkins, Vaiva Vezys, Steve Jameson, Dave Masopust, et al show that CD8+ T-cell phenotypes in blood from SPF or co-housed laboratory mice strengthen the immune sytems and make them more human-like after exposure to 'dirty mice'. Read More



  • Regulated activation of TGF-b by stromal cells can directly control epithelial residence of cells of the immune system through a novel mechanism of intercellular communication.

    Javed Mohammed, Dave Masopust, Lalit Beura, Emily Thompson and Dan Kaplan, et al, report that UV irradiation promotes Langerhans cell migration through diminished integrin expression and TGF-b activation. Read More

  • CD4+ T cell differentiation is modulated by KLF2

    June-Yong Lee and Steve Jameson demonstrate that the transcription factor KLF2 controls aspects of CD4+ T cell differentiation. Read More

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