2014-2015 Immunology Invited Speakers

Each year the Center for Immunology invites outstanding speakers to present their work in Immunology.  The seminar series is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the Center for Immunology and the University to have a chance to meet and discuss science with other members of the science community from around the globe.

2014-2015 Immunology Invited MICaB Seminar Series
Fall 2014 Name Institution Host Title of Talk
9/8/2014 David Artis U Penn Dan Kaplan "Immune regulation at barrier surfaces"
10/20/2014 Sandrine Henri Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France Dan Kaplan "Complexity of the mononuclear phagocytic system of the skin : from phenotype to functions"
11/3/2014 Gwen Randolph Washington University Vaiva Vezys "Mononuclear phagocytes: through the lymphatic looking glass"
11/17/2014 Mark Miler   Brian Fife "Imaging acute epithelial barrier responses to enteric infection"
11/19/2014 Frank Carbone The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Victoria, Australia Dave Masopust “Tissue-resident T cells and their formation and function during peripheral infection”
12/8/2014 Lora Hooper UT Southwestern Kris Hogquist "Circadian regulation of intestinal immunity"
12/15/2014 Bruce Klein University of Wisconsin-Madison Dan Kaplan "How pathogenic fungi mimic host immune regulation to subvert innate defenses”
Spring 2015        
1/26/2015 Fran Lund University of Alabama Steve Jameson "CXCL13 and B cells tune the Th2 priming capacity of DCs and regulate development of allergic responses"
2/9/2015 Thomas Wynn NIH (Bethesda, MD) Bryce Binstadt "Regulation and function of macrophages type-2 driven disease"
2/11/2015 James Chen UTSW/HHMI Reubin Harris “Immune and autoimmune responses to cytosolic DNA and RNA”
2/23/2015 Gail Bishop University of Iowa Erik Peterson "The Many Faces of TRAF3 in Immune Regulation"
3/9/2015 Linda Sherman The Scripps Research Institute Vaiva Vezys "The many roles of PTPN22 in an immune response"
4/13/2015 Donna Farber Columbia University Steve Jameson “Compartmentalization of T cell responses in mice and humans”
4/27/2015 Marco Colonna Washington Univ. School of Medicine Erik Peterson "Innate Lymphoid Cells in Immunity"
5/18/2014 Robert D. Schreiber Washington Univ. School of Medicine Mike Farrar “Personalizing Cancer Immunotherapy”
5/27/2015 Akiko Iwasaki Yale University Erik Peterson "Antiviral immunity at the mucosal surfaces" (Wednesday Special Seminar)