2013-2014 Immunology Invited Speakers

Each year the Center for Immunology invites outstanding speakers to present their work in Immunology.  The seminar series is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the Center for Immunology and the University to have a chance to meet and discuss science with other members of the science community from around the globe.

2013-2014 Immunology Invited MICaB Seminar Series
Fall 2013 Name Institution Host Title of Talk
9/9/2013 Dr. Hui Hu Wistar Institute Steve Jameson Transcriptional regulation of adaptive immunity
9/23/2013 Dr. Jayne Danska Hosp. for Sick Children Kris Hogquist A ménage à trois: sex, microbes and autoimmunity
10/7/2013 Dr. Martin Prlic Fred Hutchinson Yoji Shimizu When Memory CD8 T Cells Go Innate
11/4/2013 Dr. Mark Ansel Univeristy of California SF Steve Jameson MicroRNA regulation of helper T cell responses
11/18/2013 Dr. Dario Vignali St. Jude Brian Fife/Mike Farrar Molecular Control of Regulatory T cell Function and Stability
12/2/2013 Dr. Avinash Bhandoola University of Penn Bruce Blazar Establishing T Cell Identity.
Spring 2014        
2/3/2014 Dr. Pere Santamaria University of Calgary, Canada Brian Fife/ Vaiva Vezys peptide-MHC-based nanomedicines for the treatment of autoimmune disease
2/17/2014 Dr. Warren Leonard NIH Marc Jenkins The common gamma chain family of cytokines: from human disease to transcription regulation
3/3/2014 Marc Jenknis University of Minnesota Dan Kaplan Why you can't live without CD4+ T cells
3/24/2014 Dr. Susan Kaech University of Yale Dave Masopust New pathways regulating CD8 T cell function during chronic viral infection
4/7/2014 Dr. Louis Picker Oregon Health & Science University Dave Masopust Persistence pays off:"Unique efficacy of effector memory T cells elicited by Cytomegalovirus (CMV) vectors“
4/21/2014 Dr. Peter Murrary St. Jude Bruce Blazar Metabolic cross talk between APCs and T cells
5/12/2014 Dr. John O'Shea NIHE35 Marc Jenkins T Cells and Identify Crisis: "Mechanisms Underlying Helper Cell Specification"