Congratulations on faculty promotions, tenure and grant renewals!

August 14, 2017

Please join the Center for Immunology in congratulating several of our colleagues on their recent academic achievements.

Please join the Center for Immunology in congratulating the following colleagues on their recent academic achievements:  Dr. Alex Khoruts and Dr. David Masopust have been promoted to Professor.   Dr. Brian Fife and Dr. Vaiva Vezys have been promoted to Associate Professor.  

We are also delighted to share the news that two of our graduate students have been awarded NIH fellowship grants:

Elise Breed, an MD/PhD student in Dr. Kris Hogquist's lab and Jessica Kotov, a PHD student in Dr. Marc Jenkins lab have successfully secured an NIH F30 and F31 grant respectively.  Elise's grant is entitled "Contribution of antigen presenting cells to thymic negative selection".  Jessica's grant is entitled "The influence of BCL-6 corepressor (BCOR) on Th17 cell development".  Please congratulate these outstanding students on their latest achievement.

The Immunology Training Grant, with Kris Hogquist as PI, was just renewed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for another five years.  This grant has funded immunology graduate students at the University of Minnesota Medical School since 1989 or 28 years of continuous funding. The T32 provides pre-doctoral students with the intellectual and technical skills needed to become highly productive and creative scientists.

This list shows the extraordinary caliber of our faculty at every stage of their careers while continuing to produce outstanding research, teaching and service to our students and community.  We all have reason to be very proud of their high quality research and accomplishments.