Current Immunology Grant Trainees


2018-2019 T32 Training Grant Recipients


fey 180x238
Elizabeth Fay

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics Graduate Student 2015
Mentor: Ryan Langlois

Research Interest: Immune responses to influenza A viruses


Lee Meier

Medical Scientist Training Program (MD./PhD), 2013
Microbiology & Immunology Graduate Student 2015
Mentor: Bryce Binstadt

Research Interest: Mechanisms of inflammation and fibrosis in cardiovascular disease

Emily Pomeroy

Microbiology & Immunology Graduate Student, 2016
Mentor: Branden Moriarty

Research Interest: Basic biology of NK cells and implications for their use in immunotherapy


Stephanie Y. Rhee

Medical Scientist Training Program (MD./PhD), 2015
Microbiology & Immunology Graduate Student 2017
Mentor: Bruce Blazar

Research Interest: Transplantation immunobiology, with specific focus on interventions to prevent and treat chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) 


tucker 180x220
Christopher Tucker

Medical Scientist Training Program (MD./PhD), 2014
Microbiology & Immunology Graduate Student 2016
Mentor: Brian Fife

Research Interest: Cancer immunotherapy and its associated autoimmunity


Michael Zaiken

College of Biological Sciences, MCDB&G Ph.D. Program, 2015
Bruce Blazar

Research Interest: Epigenetic and transcriptional profiling in treatment development for chronic graft versus host disease