EWIS Alumnae

EWIS Alumnae


Christine N

Christine Nelson Ph.D.
Public Relations co-chair, nels2264@umn.edu

Christine obtained her Ph.D. in February 2018 in the Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology Ph.D. program. Her thesis research in the lab of Dr. Vaiva Vezys focused on understanding the mechanisms that contribute to CD8 T cell dysfunction. She has developed strategies to utilize CD8 T cells for the treatment of cancers and chronic infections. She has presented this work at prestigious conferences, such as the annual American Association for Immunologist meeting as well as a Cold Spring Harbor meeting on cancer immunotherapy. Christine has been involved the MICaB Admission Committee and is an EWIS founding member. She is the Public Relations Co-chair, and is involved with advertising events and increasing our group’s presence on social media (and this website!). Outside the lab, Christine loves to read, tend to her vegetable garden, go camping, and rock climbing.



 Emily T

Emily Thompson Ph.D.
Founding Executive Chair and former chair of Event Planning, thom4231@umn.edu

Emily received her Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in August of 2017. Her thesis work in the laboratory of Dr. Vaiva Vezys focused on understanding CD8 T cell responses to foreign and self-antigen and results from her studies will inform vaccine and treatment options against pathogens and malignancies. While in graduate school in the Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology program, Emily served as the student representative for the Committee on Graduate Students.  She was also part of the Career Development Committee and on the Faculty Admissions Committee. Emily has a strong commitment to giving back to the programs she is a part of and working in particular to empowering women in science. She believes that by working together, we can address differences in gender inequality in the workplace and work to close the gender and diversity gaps on campus. She is the founding member of the "Empowering women in science" group and is the founding as the Executive Chair and Co-chair of Event Planning.