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Welcome to the Center for Immunology (CFI)

Before you start working at the bench there are things you need to do to satisfy safety and security regulations at the U of M.  Once you have finished all the required training modules present the completed list and a copy of your training records to your lab manager as it will serve as the IACUC required staff training record.  We need to keep a record of training for every person in the lab.  


The University of Minnesota Libraries is here for YOU!  You will find an array of services, resources and collections available, both online and in-person, for both work and play. Learn more about what the University of Minnesota Libraries offers. 


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Skills Identification and Career goals

Individual Development Plan (IDP) 

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a written guide to help provide some structure when working through your goals, as well as guide you in letting your professors, mentors, family and friends know how best they can support you in reaching your academic, personal, and professional objectives.


UMN Postdoctoral Association

Find all the info you need about the UMN Postdoctoral Association

The Office of Postdoctoral Initiatives (OPI)

OPI located within the Graduate School, advocates for postdoctoral fellows and researchers. 

National Postdoc Association