Adam Burrack, PhD

Adam Burrack

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Adam trained in the laboratory of Dr. Ron Gill in the Departments of Surgery and Immunology at the University of Colorado and completed his PhD in 2014. He was a member of the CCTCARE, Barbara Davis Center, and Integrated Department of Immunology.

Adam is the Chief Executive Officer for Logo

From their website:

Euglycemia: a normal level of sugar in the blood

YOUglycemia: blood sugar management focused on YOU, the athlete with diabetes

Diabetes should not keep you from anything. But that doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. YOUglycemia is credentialed experts with diabetes who can coach and counsel you to your goals in endurance athletics and blood sugar management.

The Tour de Cure is so excited to partner with YOUglycemia, an active diabetes management non-profit organization that has credentialed experts with diabetes who coach and counsel those with diabetes. YOUglycemia wants to help our Tour riders and all those living with diabetes to make sure that diabetes doesn’t keep you from anything, especially riding in a Tour de Cure event!