Hogquist Lab Post Doctoral Fellow Alumni

Post Doctoral Fellows

Troy Baldwin, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2002-7
Research Emphasis
: Transcriptional analysis of clonal deletion in vivo.Central tolerance: learning self-control in the thymus.The timing of TCR alpha expression critically influences T cell development and selection.The fourth way? Harnessing aggressive tendencies in the thymus.

Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Dept. of Medical Microbiology & Immunology, Edmonton, AB Canada
Contact Info: tbaldwin@ualberta.ca 


Gayle Davey, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 1995-99
Research Emphasis
: Preselection thymocytes are more sensitive to T cell receptor stimulation than mature T cells.


Hristo Georgiev, Ph.D.

Hristo Georgiev

Fellowship dates: 2018-20
Research Emphasis
: Focused on the contemporary understanding of TCR signal strength involvement in iNKT cell lineage subset, the development and the factors required for their maintenance and proper function.  

Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow, Förster Lab, Hannover Medical School, Institute of Immunology, Hannover, Germany
Contact Info: Georgiev.Hristo@mh-hannover.de


Philmore Holman, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 1997-2002
Research Emphasis
The central tolerance response to male antigen in normal mice is deletion and not receptor editing.

You-Jeong Lee, M.D., Ph.D.

y. lee 
Fellowship dates: 2010-2016
Research Emphasis:  Looked at the lineage differentiation model of iNKT cell development, in which each subset has a unique tissue localization and cytokine profile in efforts to analyze developmental requirements of these subsets to make them applicable for human diseases.

Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Seoul National University, College of Pharmacy
Contact Info: youjeonglee@snu.ac.kr



Lisa McNeil, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2002-6
Research Emphasis
:  A requirement for sustained ERK signaling during thymocyte positive selection in vivo. and The regulated expression of a diverse set of genes during thymocyte positive selection in vivo.

Current Position: Senior Director, Head of Translational Medicine at Elicio Therapeutics
Contact Info: mcnei020@gmail.com


Roland Ruscher, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2014-18
Research Emphasis
: Investigating function and thymic development of CD8αα intestinal epithelial lymphocytes (IELs). Specifically the two major thymic precursors for CD8αα IELs, which differ in their antigen receptor specificity and developmental cues. Nature Immunology 2017 Jul;18(7):771-779

Current Position: Research Fellow/Senior Research Officer, James Cook University, Australia
Contact Info: roland.ruscher@jcu.edu.au


Gretta Stritesky, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2010-13
Research Emphasis
: Researched the T cell development and modeling of selection events in the thymus.

Current Position:Director, Analytics and Implementation, Be The Match operated by National Marrow Donor Program, Minneapolis, MN
Contact Info: gstrites@NMDP.org 


Kieng Bao Vang-Dings, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2010-2012
Research Emphasis: 

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Contact Info: kbvangdings@ualr.edu  

Liangchun Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

Yan Xing, M.D., Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2008-10
Research Emphasis
: Tcells and Thymic development

Current Position:  Researcher 6/Researcher Associate, Department of Pediatrics-BMT (Stefanski lab)
Contact Info: yanxx147@umn.edu