Fife Lab

The Fife Lab

Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows in the lab are working on research that is focused on understanding the fundamental mechanisms that regulate T lymphocytes during autoimmune disease such as Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM).

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Graduate Students

Caitlin Heiderscheidt, M.S.

caitlinProgram: MICaB
Defense Year:2013
Advisor: Brian Fife
Dissertation Title: "Exploiting Antigen Specific Approaches to Induce Tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes."

Current Position: Science Instructor at LEARN Charter School Network, Evanston, Illinois
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Kristen Pauken, Ph.D.


Program: MICaB
Defense Year:2013
Advisor: Brian Fife
Dissertation Title: "The Inhibitory Receptor PD-1 Differentially Regulates Effector and Anergic Autoreactive CD4+ T Cells During Type 1 Diabetes."

Current PositionPostdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School (Arlene Sharpe lab), Boston, MA
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