Farrar Lab Alumni

The Farrar Lab

Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows in the lab are working on research that is focused in three broad areas: B-cell development in the bone marrow and B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the developmental pathway of T regulatory cells, and cancer immunotherapy.

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Graduate Students

Matthew Burchill, Ph.D.

burchillProgram: MICaB
Defense Year:2007
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "Interleukin-2 Receptor Dependant STAT5 Activation Drives Regulatory T Cell Development."

Current PositionAssistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Colorado, Denver, CO.
Contact Info:Matthew.Burchill@ucdenver.edu 

Christine Goetz, Ph.D.

goetzProgram: MICaB
Defense Year:2005
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "Regulation of B Lymphocyte Development and Lineage Commitment by the Ras and STAT5 Signaling Pathways."

Current Position: Scientist 1, R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN
Contact InfoChristine.Goetz@bio-techne.com


Casey Katerndahl, Ph.D.

caseyProgram MICaB
Defense Year: 2015
Advisor: Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "The Balance of STAT5 and NFkB or IKAROS at Enhancer Networks Dictates Progenitor B cell Survival, Proliferation, and Differentiation."

Current Position: Instructor, Department of Medicine in the Division of Oncology, Washington University in St. Louis
Contact Infokate0007@umn.edu 

Lin-Xi Li, Ph.D.

lin li

Program: MCDB&G  
Defense Year: 2009
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "Regulation of early B and T cell development by RAS and STAT5 signaling pathways."

Current PositionAssistant Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Contact InfoLXLI@UAMS.EDU 

David Owen, Ph.D.

David OwenProgram: MCDB&G  
Defense Year: 2020
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "Development of Regulatory T Cells Capable of Maintaining Immune Homeostasis."

Current PositionPost Doctoral Fellow, Farrar Lab, University of Minnesota
Contact Infoowenx190@umn.edu


Shawn Mahmud, M.D, Ph.D


Program: MICaB
Defense Year:2014
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "TNF Receptor Superfamily Costimulation Drives Thymic Treg Development and Repertoire Selection."

Current PositionPediatric Resident, University of Minnesota
Contact Infomahmu004@umn.edu 


Luke Manlove, Ph.D.

lukeProgram: MCDB&G
Defense Year:2015
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "Anti-leukemia Immunity is Enabled by Unmasking Cross Reactive Antigens with Vaccination and Checkpoint Blockade."

Current Position: Research Scientist I, Gilead Sciences, Seattle, WA
Contact Infomanl0039@umn.edu 

Laura Ramsey, Ph.D.


Program: MCDB&G
Defense Year:2009
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "B Cell Receptor Signaling in Receptor Editing and Leukemia."

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Contact Infolaura.ramsey@cchmc.org 

Kieng Bao Vang-Dings, Ph.D.

kieng vangProgram: MICaB
Defense Year:2010
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "Co-Stimulation and IL2 in Natural Regulatory T cell Development."

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Contact Infokbvangdings@ualr.edu  
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Mark Willette, Ph.D.

markProgram: MICaB
Defense Year:2010
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "The Role of STAT5 in Early B cell Development and Leukemia"

Current Position:Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Contact Infowillettem@uwstout.edu


Jianying Yang, M.D., Ph.D.

yangProgram: MICaB
Defense Year:2009
Advisor:Mike Farrar
Dissertation Title: "The Role of the IL-2R Beta-Mediated Cytokine Signaling in Natural Regulatory T Cell Development."

Current Position:Internist, Mount Auburn Associates, Cambridge, MA
Contact Info(617) 868-2650 (Office)


Post Doctoral Fellows

Can Hekim, Ph.D.

Can Hekim

Fellowship dates: 2017-2019
Research Emphasis
Study of Leukemia antigen specific CD4 T cells, how they become toleragenic during Leukemia progression and how we can revert this so they can eradicate the tumor cells.

Current Position:  Senior Scientist at Orion Pharma Oyj, Turku, Finland
Contact Info:  can.hekim@gmail.com



Katherine Vrieze, Ph.D.


Fellowship dates: 2011-2014
Research Emphasis
:  Investigated the immune response to BCR-ABL induced leukemias and studied the response in the presence of nilotinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, currently used to treat human ALL and CML patients to determine how TKI treatment affects the CD4 T-cell immune response to BCR-ABL induced leukemia.

Current Position: Medical Science Liaison at Incyte, St. Paul, MN