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 Date Speaker Host SponsorTitle


 David Artis Dan KaplanBiolegend  Immune regulation at barrier surfaces
9/22/14 Beatrice Hahn Larson Lecture, Microbiology R&D SystemsApe reservoirs of AIDS and malaria
10/06/14 Microbiology   
10/20/14 Sandrine HenriDan KaplanBiolegend Complexity of the mononuclear phagocytic system of the skin: from phenotype to functions 
11/3/14  Gwen Randolph Vaiva Vezys R&D SystemsMononuclear phagocytes: Through the lymphatic looking glass 
 11/17/14Mark Miller  Brian FifeR&D Systems Imaging acute epithelial barrier responses to enteric infection 
11/19/14 Frank Carbone David Masopust R&D SystemsTissue-resident T cells and their formation and function during peripheral infection
12/8/14Lora Hooper Kris Hogquist/Dental School R&D SystemsCircadian regulation of intestinal immunity
12/15/14Bruce KleinDan Kaplan  R&D Systems 
1/26/15Fran LundSteve Jameson  R&D Systems 
2/2/15Akiko Iwasaki Erik PetersonR&D Systems Antiviral immunity at the mucosal surfaces
2/9/15Thomas Wynn Bryce BinstadtR&D Systems  
2/23/15Gail Bishop Erik PetersonR&D Systems  
3/9/15Linda ShermanVaiva Vezys R&D Systems  
3/30/15Robert D. SchreiberMike FarrarBiolegend 
4/13/15Donna FarberSteve JamesonBiolegend 
4/27/15Marco ColonnaErik Peterson R&D Systems 

Seminars are sponsored by Biolegend and R&D Systems.


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